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Leading UnitingCare Children, Young People and Families’ (CYPF) commitment to social justice advocacy, the Social Justice Unit champions evidence based programs and public policies that can improve the lives of vulnerable children, young people and families. The Social Justice Unit campaigns on issues of concern for children, young people and families, seeking change from state and federal government policies, rules and regulation.

Because Children Matter

Because Children Matter

Check out our blog: Because Children Matter and keep up-to-date on all the latest social justice issues. Because Children Matter was launched last year as part of the Burnside Centenary and tells the stories of our staff and the people who use our services.

Bail Law Reform

Bail Law Reform

Reducing the numbers of children and young people on remand

Did you know that 84% of young people held on remand in NSW will not go on to receive a custodial sentence?

Here at UCCYPF we are concerned that many children and young people are spending unnecessary time in detention. We are calling on the NSW Government to support the NSW Law Reform Commission’s proposed reforms to the Bail Act. Read more about Bail Law Reform.

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School Suspension

Too many children are suspended from schools in NSW. Research tells us that it is the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children who are suspended from schools. Children who are growing up in out of home care, Aboriginal students, and children with disabilities are suspended at very high rates.

School suspension makes it harder for students to succeed at school, places stress on family relationships, and increases the likelihood of children engaging in anti-social and criminal behaviour.

We want to see the NSW Department of Education and Communities, as a first step, change their suspension policy to reduce the large numbers of children receiving school suspensions.


Campaigns we Support

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Every Australian Counts

We support the campaign for a National Disability Insurance Scheme that covers all Australians.

The NDIS will revolutionise the way people with a disability, their families and carers are supported in Australia. It will replace all the current state and territory disability systems, because they don’t work.

The NDIS will be a modern, person-centred support system, helping hundreds of thousands of Australians with disability and their families to have the opportunity to participate actively in their communities by providing targeted supports aligned to need. Read more about Every Australian Counts.

Justice Reinvestment

Justice Reinvestment

Justice Reinvestment is a campaign to reduce the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our prison systems. In NSW Aboriginal people make up 2.2% of the general population but over 50% of the detention population.

The Justice Reinvestment campaign is calling on the NSW Government to divert a portion of the money that is spent on incarceration and invest it in communities with high concentrations of young offenders. This shifts money into education, programs and services that address the underlying causes of crime, keeping young people out of our costly justice system. Read more about Justice Reinvestment.

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$35/day is Not Enough

Could you live on $35 a day? That’s how much people, who find themselves out of work, have to depend on. $35 a day to put a roof over their heads, feed and clothe themselves, and get around to find paid work.

UCCYPF is joining ACOSS in calling on the Federal Government to improve the income and job prospects of people out of paid work for 2012. Read more about $35 a Day is Not Enough.


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TAFE Community Alliance

UnitingCare Children, Young People and Families is supporting the TAFE Community Alliance in their campaign to ensure recent cuts to the state education budget do not impact on TAFE’s ability to deliver high-quality vocational and second-chance education across NSW.

TAFE is critical for our work in a many different ways. Every day we support young people making their first steps toward education and employment by enrolling in TAFE. TAFE has a proud tradition of working with community organisations – such as UCCYPF – to help marginalised and vulnerable engage, or re-engage, in education. This second-chance education is a crucial step for many of our service users on the road to happier and healthier lives.

 Read more about the TAFE Community Alliance.