About Us

UnitingCare Children, Young People and Families (UnitingCare CYPF) is a Service Group of UnitingCare NSW.ACT  and part of a national network of community service organisations. Together these organisations form one of the largest providers of services to support children and families in NSW.

We provide quality services and support for some of NSW and ACT’s most vulnerable populations, including services around early education and care, disability services, mental health, family support interventions, mediation and counselling. Our aim is to ensure people have opportunities to shape the best future for themselves, their families and their communities.

UnitingCare CYPF is comprised of a number of Directorates that manage the funded programs to provide quality services to those in need. Under the Directorates of Families, Out-of-Home Care, Children’s Services, Jaanimili, and Disability, and supported by the Research, Innovation and Advocacy Unit, we provide critical services and drive political and community change through our advocacy 

The needs of disadvantaged children, young people and families guide the way UnitingCare CYPF serves its communities. Through our strong advocacy for social justice, as well as through quality programs in prevention, early intervention, child protection, community development and early childhood education and care, UnitingCare CYPF works to create a just and safe society.

In all our work UnitingCare CYPF builds on people’s strengths and optimises their opportunities to make positive changes. For more information, please see our Strategic Plan 2013-16.


Our purpose is to create a fair and just society, inspiring people and communities through quality services, bold advocacy and influential research.


Integrity: we are ethical, honest and transparent in our decisions and actions.

Respect: we honour all people, acknowledge differences and uphold dignity at all times.

Hope: we are inspired by the possibilities for all people to find their strengths and take control of their lives.

Courage: we are willing to face challenges and be creative and imaginative in finding solutions.

Learn more about the work of UnitingCare Children, Young People and Families through our stories, or view our service capability documents: